Coming Soon: 10 Million Mini iPads

10 million iPad minis? Maybe.Apple's rumored but unannounced mini iPad is apparently in production, and new reports claim that the iOS device maker has over 10 million units on order for the end of the year. Word of the order volume comes courtesy of parts suppliers speaking with the Wall Street Journal, and those sources also claim Apple's orders are double Amazon's Kindle for the same time frame.

The Journal reported earlier in October that production for the smaller iPad model was underway shortly after rumors that Apple would send out invites to a media event for the tablet on October 10.

The still unconfirmed mini iPad model is said to use a 7.85-inch multi-touch display instead of the 9.7-inch Retina Display found in current iPad models. The smaller iPad is also expected to offer fewer features than the bigger screen models, hinting that it may be geared more towards watching videos, Internet activities, email, reading and games.

Apple hasn't announced new iPad models yet, although with the WSJ saying its sources claim they're coming, it's likely we'll have a media event soon.