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Even though Apple's iPhone 3GS was released only a few months ago one company in China is already claiming to have parts in stock for its successor. China Ontrade is offering what it claims is the fourth generation iPhone midboard and SIM card tray for sale on its Web site.

According to China Ontrade, it received the midboard part from Foxconn on November 1. Foxconn is one of the companies that builds products for Apple.

China Ontrade is also claiming that it has the SIM card tray for the next generation iPhone in stock. The tray is slightly larger than the current version, and the company refers to the part at "Apple iTablet iPhone 4 Generation SIM Tray," indicating that part might be destined for Apple's rumored tablet computer, too.

Apple has released new iPhone models in the July window ever since it first introduced the combination iPod and smartphone in 2007, and the iPhone 3GS has been on the market for only a few months. The possibility that the company could be prepping to release a new model now seems highly unlikely.

Building final components for a new product several months in advance doesn't seem likely, either, since those parts would have to be stockpiled until production began -- and Apple is well known for its fine-tunes just-in-time production process.

Apple recently commented that its product lineup for the holiday season is set, so the idea that a new iPhone launch will happen outside of the regular refresh cycle seems even more unlikely.

Assuming the parts are legit, Apple could be preparing to launch an iPhone that needs a different chip configuration, like CDMA instead of GSM. If so, that would lend some credibility to rumors that Apple will be signing a deal with Verizon in the United States.

[Thanks to Gizmodo for the heads up.]

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Jeff Gamet

It seems way too early for new iPhone parts to be leaking. I don’t know what those parts are for, but I’d be stunned if they really are for the next generation iPhone.


Yes they have always released new iPhones in June but they are always announced in Jan at MacWorld. I know Apple is not taking part in that this year, but could it be that we are looking at a Jan announcement for a June release?



China Ontrade has a good track record of providing genuine future iPhone parts.

I have to say, with the just-in-time manufacturing concept that Apple uses for making their products, this does seem incredulous, but that’s only if you take for granted that Apple will only refresh the iPhone once every 12 months.

Lee Dronick

This is obviously the Droid killing CDMA iPhone for the Verison network. It will have a 104 key physical “rotate-out” keyboard, user replaceable batteries, HDMI output and will support Flash. smile



The company’s name is “Verizon”, that’s with a “z” not an “s.”

Lee Dronick

The company?s name is ?Verizon?, that?s with a ?z? not an ?s.?

“Doh!” with a Homer Simpson slap to my head.

Tik Tok

I thought Sir Harry was playing on the word, “Derision”.


I thought Sir Harry was playing on the word, ?Derision?.

Yeah… he wasn’t.

Lee Dronick

Tik Tok said: I thought Sir Harry was playing on the word, ?Derision?.
Yeah? he wasn?t.

No it was a typo, but I always have the sword of verisign hanging over my head. smile

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