comScore Reports on Apple’s Substantial Lead in Smartphone OEM Market Share

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It's well known that Android has dominant market share as a smartphone OS, but a comScore report released on January 6 highlights the gulf between Apple as the number one smartphone hardware maker and all the rest.


In simpler days of the PC market, OS market share would roughly reflect hardware market share. Today, that's not true, and comScore has released a report that showcases that change in the modern market.

comScore's report said, "Apple ranked as the top smartphone manufacturer with 41.2 percent OEM [manufacturer] market share, while Google Android led as the #1 smartphone platform with 51.9 percent platform market share." The data is for November 2013 and shows the change since August 2013.

Here are the OS market share findings in the U.S., derived from MobileLens.

Credit: comScore

However, looking at the OEM market share, Apple is the number one hardware manufacturer of smartphones, and the share climbed from August to November.

credit: comScore

Put another way, this is how Apple is making money and collecting a major share of the profits in the smartphone industry.

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As a company whose principle product is hardware, it's hard to see how Apple's executive team wouldn't be pleased by this data.  It goes a long way towards explaining the ongoing decisions by Apple's executive team -- in contrast to the suggestions of armchair analysts that Apple must seize, hold and raise OS market share.

That's because hardware has value, and customers perceive that value when the product is held in the hand.  Operating systems, however, once developed can be given away by a vertically integrated company like Apple or else licenced for only a modest fee to cost sensitive OEMs. There's just no money in OSes in this era of high technology -- and profitable -- hardware.




What I find interesting is that, in the US, Android OS accounts for 51.9% of smartphones, and iOS 41.2% of smartphones. That difference is not that great, especially considering that Apple is one company, with three iPhone models (5s/5c/4s), competing against Samsung and all of the other Android OEMs and Android handset models/price points/screen sizes combined. Not too shabby.


‘cmon it’s not velocity that matters it’s acceleration! Samsung’s point change is over 3X Crapple’s

bleet on iSheep!



Incredible for Apple to be growing it’s share. Where are the naysayers who kept saying Apple’s iPhone share would drop to 10%? Hello?!?!? Anybody home? LMAO.

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