Conan O’Brien Spoofs Samsung in Pro-Apple Video

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Talk show host Conan O’Brien has seemingly chosen sides in the epic Apple/Samsung patent infringement battle. On Tuesday night’s episode of Conan, the comedian introduced a spoof video of Samsung “vigorously denying” charges of copying Apple, adopting ever-increasing Apple imagery throughout.

The video is presented as a Samsung-produced commercial featuring Nick Wood, a fictional Samsung vice president, along with Nigel Woodsworth, VP of “Dreamagination,” and the company’s founder, the fictional Stefan Jobes, seen below.

Samsung “Cofounder” Stefan Jobes

The video starts with direct jabs, such a side by side comparison of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Apple’s iPad. Narrator Nick Wood argues that it’s obvious that Samsung’s products don’t resemble Apple’s, saying, “What about our Galaxy tablet? Not even close.”

Not Even Close...

Not Even Close…

From there, the video takes on an increasing farcical quality, with the Nick Wood character exchanging a suit for mock turtleneck and glasses, the above-mentioned Nigel Woodsworth character presented with a Sir Jonny Ive impression talking about design, and a mention that customers can come into Samsung’s retail stores to talk to, “one of our Smart Guys” (see below).


A Samsung “Smart Guy”

It’s an entertaining video, at least it is to us. There’s little doubt that many Samsung and Android partisans won’t care for it, just as some Apple fans have been displeased with various bits of anti-Apple propoganda. Such is the nature of comedy.

The video in full:

Team Coco’s “Samsung Calls BS On Apple’s Charges Of Copying”

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video don’t play

Bryan Chaffin

Hmmm…Not sure why. It embeds properly and display properly. Most likely an issue on their end.

Use the direct link to the video if you want to watch it on the Team Coco site.

My apologies for any inconvenience!


Hilarious.  Funny thing is, there are people watching the video and wondering why people are laughing about it.

Lee Dronick

I was getting audio, but no video. I followed the direct link and was able to view it. Pretty good job.


go to youtube and opt out of the html5 beta


The video plays great! Even the ad!

I want a Samsung “Vac Pro”, I can hear it now! smile


That was nice, thanks for the share!

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