Conde Nast Lines Up Mags for iPad

Magazine publisher Conde Nast is gearing up for Apple's iPad launch by prepping several of its titles for the multimedia tablet device. The iPad version of GQ will be ready in April, and Wired and Vanity Fair will follow in June, according to the New York Times.

After the initial iPad magazine version rollouts, Conde Nast plans to add The New Yorker and Glamour to the list in the summer.

Releasing iPad versions of the magazines is actually a big experiment for Conde Nast. The publisher plans to try different pricing schemes, in-magazine advertising styles, and methods for converting issues into a digital format for the iPad.

"We need to know a little bit more about what kind of a product we can make, how consumers will respond to it, what the distribution system will be,” commented Conde Nast editorial director Thomas J. Wallace.

The company is hoping to learn enough about how electronic magazine distribution works, and if it's iPad experiment proves successful, launch more titles come fall. "“If we are happy with the results that we get, we’ll be ready to go in the fall," Mr. Wallace said.