Connect the Dots from Apple's Rainbow Logo and iOS 7's Color Scheme

Much has been made of the color palette in Apple's new iOS 7. It's been called girly in a misogynist rant, ugly, beautiful, striking, and designed with Asia in mind. Some pieces have even covered most of the full gamut in one go. Reddit user Matt-Irwin, however, has done some thinking and sleuthing on the topic, and we like his thoughts.

He posted this image:

iOS 7 Inspiration

Holy smokes, but he might be on to something. Not all of the colors are a perfect match (the two greens stand out), and you have to cherry pick where in the gradient you want to match for the red, purple, and blue, but he's got a great point.

It seems fitting that Apple step into the future by borrowing from its past, too. We don't know whether or not that is what has actually happened here, but we want it to be true.

Nice work, Matt!

On the Reddit thread, many people poke fun of the idea by pointing out that Apple's logo has the same colors as the rainbow. To wit:

Rainbow? Please...

It doesn't take too much effort to see that Apple's old logo doesn't use the same shades as most simplistic rainbow representations. This is one of those situations where subtleties are relevant.