Consolidating iPodObserver ... and One More Thing

Since we started it 4 years ago, we've made a few significant changes to our sister site, iPodObserver. One thing that's stayed consistent, however, has been that TMO and iPO have shared the same daily news staff throughout. For us, internally, iPO has always been treated as a section of TMO. Today, we make that change more apparent on the outside as we roll iPO in as, you guessed it, a section of TMO.

This is not to say that any content or coverage is going away. iPO has been quite successful for us, for you (our readers) and for our advertisers. The one thing that kept holding iPO back was that we were treating it as a separate site in terms of layout and design, but nowhere else. Bringing it into the TMO umbrella will allow us to move things along even faster.  iPO-related articles will retain their own label (as you can see at the top of this one), and indeed their own set of targeted advertising, as well.  We believe this will better serve you, our advertisers, and now (finally!) our staff equally.

For a month now, all of iPodObserver's headlines have been included in the daily headlines here at TMO, and that will stay the same. However, if you want to see just the iPodObserver headlines, we have a page just for that (and, indeed, anyone visiting the domain will be redirected there, as well).

While we're at it...

When we started iPodObserver years ago, the iPod was the product line.  Now, of course, that product line we cover at iPO includes the iPhone, the Apple TV, iTunes, and more in addition to just the iPod.  So we decided to make two changes at once, and we're dropping the "Pod" and going with iObserver

As I've said, the content remains the same and, without this recurring stumbling block of treating the design differently, we'll be able to make the content better faster. We're all looking forward to that! So please check things out and do let us know what you think. We always appreciate hearing from you!