Cook: Apple Hates Litigation But Others Need to ‘Invent Their Own Stuff’

Apple’s leadership “hates litigation” and would be open to a fair settlement in the ongoing patent wars between Apple and its competitors. At the same time, however, Apple CEO Tim Cook stressed that other companies need to “invent their own stuff.” The comments came during Apple’s second quarter conference call with analysts on Tuesday.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook

When asked by an analyst whether a time would come when Apple would rather put all the patent litigation behind it and instead focus on out-innovating the competition, Mr. Cook replied that he “hates litigation” and would prefer to find a fair settlement from which the company can move on.

Mr. Cook warned, however, that it would have to be an agreement that acts to avoid patent violations in the future. “Apple can’t be the developer for the world,” Mr. Cook said.

The statements by Mr. Cook further reinforce the notion that Apple, under his leadership, is far more likely to settle its ongoing patent litigation, especially that involving alleged infringement by Google’s Android platform, than when Apple co-founder Steve Jobs ran the company.

Mr. Jobs famously said that he would “destroy” Google’s Android software for what he perceived was the wholesale theft of Apple’s technology.

Apple is involved in a number of patent suits throughout the world, with the most focus having been on Apple supplier Samsung. Apple has accused Samsung of “slavishly” copying Apple’s design with some of its Galaxy-branded Android devices, and the two have suits in Europe, Korean, and the U.S.