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Most of our Cool Waste of Time articles are about cool games or otherwise entertaining things we've found to look at, read, or do on the Internet. Today, however, we offer you something that borders on educational, a video offering the history of the Internet.

The video was made by Melih Begil, and posted to YouTube, and offers a look back at the technologies, initiatives, and other early efforts that lead to the existence of the Internet we know today. The look back starts in 1957, "when everything began."

A History of the Internet.

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That is absolutely fascinating. Everyone has heard about the ARPANET, but I was unaware how ARPANET murged with other networks in the US, France, and Great Britain. Also developing transfer protocols from other outside sources, that evolved into TCP/IP, mechanical means of connecting computers when radio was proven to net be a good solution, cold war fears all played into the development of the Internet we use today.

This is a great short film


In the Dec. 31, 1899 issue of the Brooklyn Eagle, which was reprinted Dec. 31st, 1999 by a Long Island newspaper, there were articles by scientists at the time of what the future would be like.
One article indicated that mail would be sent and received to everyone’s residence through tubes. 
Nothing is ever new.


Does it start with Al Gore inventing it like he has invented Global warming?


Don’t be a tool, Ralph.  Gore never, ever claimed to have invented the Internet.

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