Counter-Rumor: Nvidia & Apple Doing "Just Fine"

Last Thursday, we covered an unconfirmed report that said Apple and Nvidia were on the outs, and that the Mac maker was banishing Nvidia from future Mac products for three to four years. Today, another unconfirmed report, this time from Fudzilla, quotes unnamed sources at Nvidia who said that the relationship between the two companies was doing "just fine."

According to the source, nothing has changed between Apple and Nvidia in recent weeks, and Apple continues to buy products from the graphics card and processor developer. The source added that Apple was a top priority for Nvidia.

So far, mum's the closest thing to an official word from either company, and until that changes -- which isn't likely if it turns out that there was never a problem -- the whole story should be read with a handy-dandy bag of salt on hand for consumption, one grain at a time.