Create High-End Visual Effects on Your Mac

Side Effects Software announced the release of Houdini 10 for the Mac on Wednesday, a professional quality 3D animation software tool for Mac OS X. Houdini uses a node-based workflow similar to that found in a number of other digital media packages designed for the Mac.

Its features include 3D modeling, rigging, animation, particle effects, dynamics, compositing, and integrated rendering.Houdini 10 also features the Pyro FX toolset which enables visual effects artists to create high-quality smoke and fire. Houdini 10 includes support for viewport display and final rendering of Stereoscopic 3D content.

Visual effects artists can download Houdini Apprentice, a free personal learning edition with watermarks and limited render resolutions, or Houdini Apprentice HD for US$99 from the company’s Web site.