Create Your Own Media Player with LaCinema Classic Bridge

LaCie announced Tuesday tje availability of LaCinema Classic Bridge, a device that provides users with an economic way to add media player functionality to existing storage devices.

The device enables users to connect the Classic Bridge to a desired TV, add a storage device, and play libraries of movies, music, and photos in 1080p HD resolution.

The compact LaCinema Classic Bridge provides two options for adding storage. Option one allows users to connect an external USB drive to the front of the device for access to their multimedia content. Option two allows users to insert an internal hard disk directly into the device for a fully integrated set-up, just like the LaCinema Classic. Users may also choose to implement both options for expanded capacity.

The device comes with a remote control allowing users to browse a centralized media library to select and play their favorite media. Content can be viewed by file category through a graphic selection, or users may view all multimedia by clicking the folder icon.

LaCinema Classic Bridge is available for US$99.99 through the LaCie Online Store.