Crucial to Offer 256GB SSD in July

Crucial said Friday that it will be debuting a new 2.5" 256GB Solid State Drive on July 20th. Solid State Drives are swiftly becoming all the rage for those looking for more performance and better reliability for their internal storage needs. The 2.5" form factor makes the drive small enough for use in laptops.

SSD drives use MLC NAND flash components rather than the usual disk (or platters) used in a traditional hard disk drive. With no moving parts, the drives make substantially less noise, are often cooler, and are currently considered more robust.

The company said the new drive, part of the M225 series, offers 250MB/sec read speeds and 200MB/sec write speeds. The 128GB drive in the lineup is also improved, with 250MB/sec read speeds and 190MB/sec writes. A 64GB version offers 200MB/sec reads and 150MB/sec writes.

Crucial said it would offer more information on the drives on July 20th on its Web site.

Crucial 256GB M225 SSD
Crucial M225 256GB SSD