Customize iCal with iDeskCal 2.0 for Mac

HashBang Industries announced the release of iDeskCal 2.0, a rebrand and update of their iCal-to-Desktop embedding solution, Desktop Remind. iDeskCal embeds the users iCal calendar directly on their Desktop.

iDeskCal's allows users to add calendar events and to-do list items using keyboard shortcuts. The focus with this rebrand and upgrade is customization. The previous version of Desktop Remind allowed users to view all their calendars on their desktops. They were able to set the position and text color. iDeskCal 2.0 still allows users to positioning and text color, but also adds the option to use a color assigned to each specific calendar from within iCal, as either the event's text color, or a color badge next to the event, to quickly show users what calendar a specific event is assigned to.

iDeskCal 2.0 is priced at US$12.99 and available through HashBang’s online store. HashBang Industries is also offering free upgrades for customers that purchased Desktop Remind in the last 2 months.

iDeskCal 2.0 Screen Shot