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Drug store chain CVS has sent out a coupon to discount members for 20% off of (almost) anything in the store. It’s the “(almost)” that’s relevant to us, as the fine print (see below) for the coupon stipulates that the discount is not good for “iPad.” As CVS doesn’t currently carry the iPad, one could be excused for thinking that this means this might soon change.

Podcast Mac OS Ken broke the story, and contacted CVS to ask for clarification. Following Apple’s mode, however, CVS replied with only a polite, “Thanks for your email. At this time, we have no comment.”

CVS would seem a strange fit for Apple, as the pharmacy chain is not known as an electronics destination in the U.S. retail market. In his post, Ken Ray noted that this could merely be a publicity ploy by CVS, similar to the recent move of discount house TJ Maxx to place a (very) few iPads in some of its retail stores as a lure during a big sale the company held.

CVS Coupon

CVS Coupon - Note the Fine Print
Source: Mac OS Ken


Lee Dronick

Note how many of the excepted items are plural, “money orders, prescriptions, newspaper” and the many of the other items such as “milk, bread, alcohol” are either singular or plural. Yet the iPad, Lookbook and netbook are singular. You would think that they would be listed as plural “iPads, Lookbooks, and netbooks.”

What is a Lookbook? I did a web search and all I found was a line of Lookbook clothing.


@Sir Harry:  The finer print says “Printed in China.”  QED You want french fry with that?

Lee Dronick

The finer print says ?Printed in China.?? QED You want french fry with that?

Not being wise guy, which I often am, I don’t see any fine print. Not that I don’t believe you as it is entirely possible that the coupon was printed in China.


Are you sure they didn’t type ‘Maxipad’ and the autocorrect on their Mac changed it to iPad? smile

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