Last Minute Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber MondayToday is known as "Cyber Monday" since folks are back at work and shopping from their desks instead of whatever other things people do to avoid work when it isn't time for Christmas shopping. Here are a few of the notable deals I tracked down.

Let's kick things off with the biggies: Adobe has a Creative Cloud deal through December 3 for first-time subscribers. A Creative Cloud Complete subscription is now $479.88/year (or $39.99/mo) from Adobe, a drop from the $599.88/$49.99 regular price. It must be paid now, and isn't available to educational, OEM, or volume license users. However, that $10 difference might help sway some customers.

We also have the Cyber Monday section at Amazon, which includes all manner of tech and non-tech deals such as a toys for kids, and jewelry or clothing. Some deals are time-based, so you may have to hold off a little while to pick up what you really want.

In other Slightly Larger Ticket Item news, we have a sale from Sit4Life which includes Herman Miller chairs and other sorts of office equipment. In checking out their Cyber Monday page, the least expensive item is a two shelf bookcase for US $93.49, and the price range is from there to a treadmill desk for over $4500.

We have some excellent deals from iFixit as well, who are doing a "Blaber Frimon" sale, just to be sure they cover Friday and Monday and all the other sale nicknames. You can get anywhere from 15% to %50 off items in the store, and they have some amazing things as I explained on the first MacJury Holiday Gift Guide this year. They have great tools and shirts and other general nifty bits and pieces to make your gear awesome.

CrashPlan, normally $59.99/yr individually or $149.99 for a family plan, has a deal right now for $42.00/yr or $105.00/yr for the family plan. A solid offsite backup service that provides peace of mind, particularly if the local backup drive falls over. Not only is this good for yourself, but it is good as a gift too. Again, new subscribers only.

OWC has a nice list of deals including an Apple Lightning cable for $8.75 and a car inverter for $17.50 which is 70% off. And let's be honest, not having had as long to collect Lighting cables as we had to collect 30-pin cables, these are still a great gift. You can never have too many Lightning cables. Never.

GroveMade from Portland Oregon, is selling gift cards in $100 (no discount) $200 for $180 (10% off), and $300 for $240 (20% off). As a bonus, the card isn't plastic, it's carved out of walnut and if you punch out the snowflake bits you can assemble a cute little holiday ornament! And as I've said before, they are fantastic and you can't go wrong with anything from their site.

Elsewhere in the Glorious Accessories Kelly Really Likes Department, TwelveSouth is offering a 25% off sale on their BookBook line. It's rare to find a deal on TwelveSouth products, so if you're at all interested now is the time to snap this up.

We know TMO's own Bryan Chaffin has a big ol' crush on the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 headphones, and now you can get 10% off those headphones as well as 25% off some of V-Moda's other offerings.

If you need to hold all this stuff instead of getting more, you can save on Commuter 2.1 from Rickshaw Bags, getting 40% off today only. This is a great company in San Francisco that is full of lovely people who make wonderful stuff. I go there every time I'm in San Francisco for something and I can't say enough nice things about them.

Mariner Software is offering a deal on MacGourmet Deluxe for basically half price ($24.97 instead of $49.95). A great recipe manager that also creates shopping lists and lets you search by ingredient.

There's also a nice special at Telestream today, offering 30% off Wirecast, ScreenFlow, and more. If you record or stream anything from your Mac, this is a great deal.

Adorably backward NFL team the Washington Redskins are offering a Cyber Monday Sale on tickets to games…valid by phone only. It's almost not worth bothering to point out that the player featured in the ad got hurt during Sunday's game.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.