Daily Brick Announces Build Your Own LEGO iPhone 5 Dock Kits

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Time to get your little-kid nerd on—The Daily Brick has announced build-your-own LEGO dock kits for iPhone 5. The UK LEGO collector's site put the kits together after Apple announced it would not be offering an Apple-branded dock for its newest iPhone.

LEGO iPhone 5 Dock Kit

The Completed Dock with an iPhone 5

In the image above, we jacked up the contrast so you can better see the bricks in the dock. View the company's site for the original image.

The site is offering the instructions for free for people who have all the necessary parts or want to purchase them on their own. Alternately, there are two kits (black and white) you can buy directly from The Daily Brick for £11.95 (US$19.20 ). Shipping to the U.S. is an additional £2.50 ($4.02).

The image below is taken from the online instructions and shows the dock near completion.LEGO Dock Kit Instruction

From the Kit's Instructions

Features of the site's design include:

  • Tilted at slight angle to make the screen easier to view just like the official docks.
  • LEGO Grills to let sound out just below the iPhone speaker.
  • Clips to hold the cable in place.
  • One handed easy removal from the dock.

According to The Daily Brick, "After you have built the dock, the cable that comes with the phone simply clips into place on the LEGO clips inside. It is then held firmly and won't move around when you dock or remove the iPhone."


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Mário Pereira

Awesome idea! :D
But first… I need to get my iPhone5. It’s sold out here in Portugal, like in the rest of the world I think. xD


Awww, I thought it was going to let you turn your iPhone into a robot

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