Dallas Apple Store Loses iPhones in Theft

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Dallas Apple Store hit by thief who made off with iPhonesApple's Knox Street store in Dallas, Texas, was targeted by a thief over the weekend that made off with about US$2,000 in iPhones. The suspect walked into the store in the evening, grabbed several display iPhones, and ran out before anyone caught him.

This isn't the first time the Knox Street store has been hit, although the previous two incidents were burglaries instead of theft. In once case, according to The Dallas Morning News, suspects broke into the store and took $25,000 worth of laptops, and in a different incident suspects made off with $3,900 in iPhones.

This past weekend's theft suspect was aught on security video, and the serial numbers for the stolen iPhones are already in the hands of investigators. That said, maybe Apple needs to invest a little more in its Knox Street store security.

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It seems the criminals are always on the hunt for iPhones, but never Samsung, HTC, or Motorola smartphones. How about that?



Thieves running away with Samsung phones wouldn’t be news.


Oh I don’t know, it might be news on one of those “worlds stupidest criminals” shows LOL

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