Dandy Code Releases Marketplace 1.0 Craig's List Search Aggregator for Mac OS X

Dandy Code released Marketplace 1.0, the company's Craig's List search aggregator tool for Mac OS X on Wednesday. The program, which taps into Craig's List, offers a more elegant interface to the popular Web site and can search all Craig's List regions, categories, and subcategories. The program also supports all the filters the Web site has such as title-only searches, image-only results, and price minimum/maximum.

On top of what Craig's List provides, Marketplace allows users to filter their initial results down even more. Users can save their favorite entries to return to later or leave Marketplace running and it will refresh searches automatically and notify users when new results are found.

The official 1.0 release sports numerous new features such as the ability to search specific subcategories, more search options like price min/max, and Growl integration.

The application features a 25-day trial before users must buy a license for US$19.95 with a $10 family option that allows for three additional installations. The program requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher to install and run.