Danish Reseller Claims MacBook Pro Update on March 1st

An unnamed Danish reseller is claiming that a MacBook Pro rev is planned for March 1st, 2011. Kenneth Lund Wedmore, a Danish blogger, was told so by this reseller, and spilled the beans, but what we don’t know is the nature of the update itself.

A leak such as this should always be considered with a skeptical eye. For one thing, Apple’s retail partners are often the last to know when hardware updates are on the way, and this has been even more the case since Apple began opening its own fleet of retail stores.

The closest thing that we’ve seen historically to notification from Apple to its retail partners that an update is on the way is when the company marks a model(s) as EOL, or end of life. When that happens, you can bet a refresh is on the way, but even then you still don’t know the target date for such a release.

Still, and as our friends at MacRumors pointed out, the MacBook Pro hasn’t been refreshed since April of 2010, making a refresh slightly overdue from Apple’s usual nine month (+/-) refresh cycle. That is, of course, unless you count the processor upgrade that Apple rolled out in October as a full refresh [Editor hint: It wasn’t], which would suggest that we won’t see another update any time soon.

But wait, there’s more, because Apple has long been expected to bring the styling and ergonomic benefits first unveiled in the MacBook Air, which was also last October, to the Pro line. If you discount a processor bump as less than a partial refresh and consider the reworking of the Air’s radical new styling, March 1st looks more and more attractive as a target date for a proper refresh.

So, whether or not this Danish reseller knows Apple’s product plans from a can of surströmming, March 1st seems as good a day as any. Plus, it’s a Tuesday, the day of the week Apple usually releases new products.