Dave Hamilton Gabs About Microphones on Mac Podcast, John Martellaro on Tech Night Owl

NosillaCast Mac PodcastThe Mac Observer's Dave Hamilton took time off from his duties here and at The Mac Geek Gab to talk about microphones over at NosillaCast Mac Podcast this weekend. Here's something you might not have known: in addition to his awesome tech chops, Dave is also a top-notch musician, and the man knows microphones—recording, performing live, singing, and podcasting. That means you should give the show a listen! This is episode #433, and it's live now on iTunes and at the Podfeet website.



Tech Night OwlJohn Martellaro also hit the airwaves this weekend with an interview on The Tech Night Owl with Gene Steinberg. He laid out his vision for a souped up Apple TV and an Apple smart TV set. He also explained why the passing of Steve Jobs signifies Apple's rebirth, why NFC will never appear on an iPhone, and why, in the Post-PC era, OS X and iOS should evolve differently. That's a big bucket of goodness you can just dunk your head in and enjoy.