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TMO President and Mac Geek Gab co-host Dave Hamilton will be joining the Your Mac Life crew on Wednesday to talk about whatever topic host Shawn King throws at him. Your Mac Life starts at 8:30PM ET and can be watched live as a QuickTime video stream.

Along with Dave, Mike Rose, Adam Engst, Jean MacDonald, Jim Dalrymple and several other names from the Mac community will be joining Shawn for "Pick Your Topic!" where participants will be presented with a choice of three topics to discuss -- but no one will know ahead of time what those topics may be.

Your Mac Life broadcasts live on the Web every Wednesday from 8:30PM to 11:30PM ET.

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Show Topic: Multi-Touch Interface (MTI)

About a year ago I asked Dave Hamilton if he saw any indications if the new OS 10.6 would support a multi-touch interface. At that time he said there were no indications that Apple would add MTI across the board on all Macs.

I believe that MTI will be available to all Intel Macs with a glass monitor/screen running 10.6. Why else would they ad glass on a laptop screen? Moreover, I believe MTI is the real reason for the OS overhaul. Don?t you think Apple could have just cleaned up code without an overhaul?

Finally, I like to see Apple develop a new computer configuration to support MTI. The new configuration would consist of a very large monitor/workspace and the monitor would be angled like a drafting table to relieve the arm strain of MTI on an upright monitor.



“I believe that MTI will be available to all Intel Macs with a glass monitor/screen running 10.6. Why else would they ad glass on a laptop screen?”

Robert, this is the first “reasonable” explanation that I’ve heard of for why Apple decided to ADD glass to the laptops. 
Thanks for the idea!

(Perhaps Apple also had to abandon non-glossy screens to move to touch screens?  I don’t know if touch screens could come in either gloss…or not?)

At the offset, did you notice how none of the major Mac media press and reporters really did any heavy investigating and drill-down reporting on WHY Apple FORCED glass onto us all.
And there were no serious prolonged outcries or any actual petitions for explanation from Apple by the Mac community.

I HATED Apple’s unilateral move
(1) to DROP all choice of non-glossy screens and
(2) to ADD the weight, breakability, glare, and smugeability of glass.

What was the reason?  I’ve still to hear from Apple.
At Macworld, marketing reps didn’t know and couldn’t say.
(Even the question—why add glass—was new to them.)

Maybe Apple had more reason than I knew. 
Perhaps their honor, in my eyes, will be eventually vindicated (although I will still fault them for their refusal to give any meaningful explanation at the time and their apparent disinclination to actually survey their customer base for input on OUR ergonomic needs and desires).

I hope Apple had such a justifiable reason.

However, in thinking about my own computer usage, I’m not convinced that I would have any real need or want for any touch screen system. 
Maybe it could be useful as an option in some types of apps. 
But I would hate to see it (MTI and touch screen) made so non-optional a part of the UI that I would be forced to use it and then find it more hassle, effort, and ergonomically unsound that my present system (keyboard, trackpad).


Do we need MTI today? No. Not on today’s devices. But if I may add something else to my argument. Why is Apple adding Cover Flow to the finder and browser?

To me cover flow is just eye candy… a marketing gimmick if you will. But if put to use in a device with MTI wouldn’t that be more useful then candy?

Oh and FYI: I did complain about the glass in a first look article on MyMac.com http://mymac.com/showarticle.php?id=3450

I spoke about the same things that bother you about the glass. added weight, mega glare and fragile glass on a “portable” device. Seems way stupid to me unless there is another reason for it.


I earlier wrote about the glass problem also.

I just meant that I didn’t see a stronger outcry from more Mac users and some actual investigative reporting by the Mac press.

I think “glare” is a major ergonomic issue and I can’t believe that people have been so lax with Apple about it.

Isn’t there the option of non-glare glass and plastics that could be used?
Or applied films?
It seems Apple doesn’t care to even think about it.


As for evidence about the significance of “touch screens” to Apple and its future, how about the news announcement that “Elan Hits Apple with Touchscreen Patent Suit” by Jeff Gamet

“Taiwan-based Elan Microelectronics slapped Apple with a lawsuit claiming the MacBook, iPhone and iPod touch infringe on touchscreen patents it holds.

The suit follows a breakdown in talks that began some two years ago, according to the New York Times.”


Yeah I just read that today

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