David Pogue Leaves New York Times for Yahoo! Gig

Veteran technology columnist David Pogue has left his post at The New York Times for a gig at Yahoo! The longtime Mac and iPhone aficionado announced on Tumblr (which is owned by Yahoo!) that he was leaving The Times after 13 years, but would continue his Nova series and many publishing ventures.

David Pogue

David Pogue
Source: prettydaisies on Flickr

Calling Yahoo! an "underdog," Mr. Pogue said that he was lured to Yahoo! because the company is " young, revitalized, aggressive — and, under Marissa Mayer’s leadership, razor-focused, for the first time in years."

He also heaped praise on The Times, saying:

It’s not easy leaving The Times, especially when you admire it as much as I do. No matter what happens to prose on paper, The Times itself, as a gatherer and curator of news, will always be necessary and important. The culture may be changing, and the readership may be shifting, but this paper steadfastly focuses on responsible journalism, ironclad ethics and superb writing. I'll always be a loyal ally.

Well said, Mr. Pogue.

When David Pogue left Macworld magazine to go to The Times, it was a big deal in the Mac community (this was before the first iPod was released). At the time, there was very little pro-Apple commentary in the mainstream media, and there was a lot of discussion in the "Mac Web" about how an Apple fan like Mr. Pogue could have gotten the job.

To that end, Mr. Pogue gave an interview or posted a column ("blogging" wasn't really a verb yet) where he talked about the process of being hired, and how rigorous that process was. I seem to recall him mentioning that he was asked whether he was biased and had to assure the editors hiring him that he could be fair about technology.

In any event, I also remember looking forward to some positive Apple reviews coming from The Times. To that end, Mr. Pogue joined Walt Mossberg at The Wall Street Journal as the two top mainstream technology columnists, and both of them have written many favorable things about Apple products.

On the one hand, I wish Mr. Pogue continued success at Yahoo! In his Tumblr post, he said he will continue to write about technology, and that coverage will no doubt continue covering Apple products and services among other things.

What I'm really curious about, however, is who will replace Mr. Pogue at The Times. Will he or she be an Apple lover or an Apple hater? When it comes to writing about technology, few are genuinely neutral.