Defense Grid: The Awakening Comes to Mac OS X

Virtual Programming has announced it will be bringing Defense Grid: The Awakening (DG:TA) to Mac OS X. The tower defense strategy game has the player defending planet Earth from wave after wave of aliens, re-activating an ancient defense grid with 10 different towers in the process.

GD:TA has 20 different maps, and the company says it offers 8-10 hours of gameplay. There are 15 different variants of the invading aliens, and the different towers force the player to learn new ways to defend against the enemy.

According to the company, the players’ goal is to prevent the aliens from stealing precious power cores; if the invaders succeed, the game ends. Resources gained from killing enemies can be used to buy more towers, as well as upgrade existing ones with more powerful attacks and a longer range of fire.

Successful defense of the power cores also lets players unlock over 60 challenge modes that offer many more hours of gameplay. Players can show off their skills by completing a wide variety of achievements and posting their high scores on the game’s online leader boards.

The game is available now through Virtual Programming’s Deliver2Mac digital download service. It is priced at US$24.95, €19.95, or £19.95.

System requirements call for: Mac OS X version 10.5.8 an Intel processor, 1GB RAM, a 128MB video card (GeForce 7300, Radeon X1600 or newer), 1.1GB of hard disk space, and an Internet connection for product registration.

Defense Grid: The Awakening Screenshot

Defense Grid: The Awakening Screenshot