Delicious Library 2.2 Adds New Amazon API Requirements

Delicious Monster's new Delicious Library 2.2 update is out, and it's an essential update for users that want to scan in, update, or look up new items since it complies with Amazon's new requirement that applications digitally sign requests for information from the online retailer's database. Users that want to continue taking advantage of Delicious Library's auto-lookup feature without interruption need to install the update by August 15.

The changes to Amazon's policies about culling data from its online product database don't prohibit desktop applications from accessing the information, but they do add the digital signature requirement. The company's ban on mobile device applications using Amazon database info, however, is still in place.

Delicious Library 2.2 is is priced at US$40, and is available for download at the Delicious Monster Web site. The update is free for version 2 users.