Dell Bails on US Smartphone Market

PC maker Dell is giving up on the U.S. smartphone market, at least for now, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering the company’s exit was the first indication to most consumers that it was even in the smartphone business.

Dell: No smartphones from usDell’s Venue and Venue Pro smartphones both got the axe in the U.S. without any replacement products lined up to take their places. The company previously discontinued its Aero smartphone and Streak tablet.

Despite the quiet exit, Dell isn’t abandoning the U.S. mobile market completely. The company plans to launch new mobile devices later this year, although it isn’t saying what types of products those will be, according to PCWorld.

Dell used Google’s Android OS in its mobile devices. But could switch to Microsoft’s mobile Windows OS if it decided that would be a better option.

Abandoning the mobile space, at least temporarily, will give Dell a chance to focus more on its PC products. “Mobility products have shorter lifecycles than laptops and desktops,” said a Dell spokesperson.