Dell Takes on MacBook Air with Adamo

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Dell introduced its Adamo laptop on Tuesday in hopes of taking on Apple's MacBook Air. Dell is calling the laptop "ultraportable," even though it weighs in a pound heavier than Apple's thinnest laptop.

Unlike the MacBook Air, the Adamo sports a full set of ports including Ethernet, DisplayPort, USB and eSATA. In comparison, the MacBook Air includes a single USB port, DisplayPort and an audio port.

The Adamo also includes an Intel ULV 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, a 13.4-inch LED backlit display, a backlit keyboard, 2GB RAM, a 128GB of solid state storage instead of a traditional hard drive, 802.11n wireless networking, Bluetooth, and 1 built-in 1.3 megapixel camera for US$1,999. An external optical drive that supports burning CDs and DVDs is available as part of a bundle that includes a Tumi laptop sleeve.

Apple may not have too much to worry about since its base model MacBook Air includes a faster and more powerful processor, is thinner, weighs less, and costs $200 less.



They should have called it Adummo.


nice design.  but whoever did the interactive tour needs to check their bearings..  you click on one place, and it zooms to another place to show you the details of totally irrelevant area. :\

anyways.. OS X would look nice on it.


it’s kinda sad/funny but when a company tries to ‘copy’ Apple, it ends up looking like something for the bling crowd. The models with laptop says it all.


I remember when the MBA was released and the howls at how “expensive” it was. The Air is a bargin now, not to mention the vastly superior machine. Nice try for Dell however, it tells me they are at least trying to keep up.


Oh wow, it’s made of machined aluminum? Innovative.


I think it’s ugly.


Yep, much slower CPU, slower FSB, much slower video, 33% heavier, physically larger, no LED backlighting, no iLife equivalent, and the “Home” edition of Vista, all for $200 more!

What was Dell thinking?


A couple of observation regarding comparisons of the MacBook Air (Air) and Dell’s Adamo.  First, since the Adamo weights in at 4.0 lbs., it is probably more appropriate to compare it to the MacBook, which weighs in at 4.5 lbs., only a half pound more, while the Air weighs in at 3.0 lbs.  Second, whether you compare the Adamo to the MacBook Air or the MacBook, the Adamo is using Intel’s GS45 integrated graphics.  The Air and the MacBook both use NVIDIA GeForce 9400 graphics, which has roughly five times the graphics performance of the Adamo’s Intel GS45 graphics. 

So whether you purchase the Air or the MacBook, for less money and, with the Air, significantly less weight; you get a much superior operating system, Mac OS X; you get five times the graphics performance; you avoid Vista; you get the unibody construction of the Air or the MacBook, and, for my taste, you get a better looking computer. 

Going with the Intel integrated graphics is really second rate but, unfortunately, is consistent with Dell’s second rate sense of taste.  And it is something that nearly all the tech writers are missing in their comparisons of the Air and Adamo, even though it is something that makes a big difference in performance today and will make an even bigger difference soon, after Apple introduces Snow Leopard.  But perhaps the tech writers can be forgiven, because Dell doesn’t make it easy to discover that Adamo has a much inferior Intel integrated graphics processor.

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