Delta to Roll Out 4,500 iPads at Airport Restaurants

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Delta Air Lines is rolling out 4,500 iPads at airport restaurants as part of a plan to improve food service for travelers. The airline places 250 iPads in restaurants at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport on Wednesday, and plans to have more than 4,500 of Apple’s multimedia tablets at three of its hubs over the next year.

Delta bringing iPads to airport restaurantsDelta bringing iPads to airport restaurants

“New iPads located at each seat inside the restaurants will allow travelers to order catered and customized meals through an intuitive visual menu,” the company said. “Orders are then prepared fresh and delivered to their seat in 15 minutes or less.”

The first wave of iPads were placed in MinniBar, Mimosa, and Shoyu, three upscale restaurants in the G Concourse.

Customers will also be able to use the iPads to browse news, check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts, check email, and play games. All personal information is deleted from the iPads when the Home button is pressed, or if the tablet has been idle for two minutes.

Delta and its partner OTG have already placed iPads in terminals at New York’s LaGuardia airport, too.

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other side

Nice.  BUT… what is Delta using for case & screen protectors?

There’s a good reason why traditional menus are laminated.  Wonder how the iPads will hold up to constant cleaning & exposure to liquids.


Would you really eat any finger food (burgers, fries, etc.) after being the 58th person to handle this iPad?  Yuck!

Adam Nancy

That"s really good way to promote restaurants customer. I hope now airport restaurants customer will be satisfied. Thanks

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