DeNA Buys Game Maker ngmoco for $403M

Japan-based DeNA is buying the popular iPhone and iPad game maker ngmoco in a US$403 million deal. DeNA is the company behind Japan’s successful Mobage-town social game site, and has been working to expand its presence in the U.S. social gaming market, according to Reuters.

ngmoco is well known for its social gaming apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad such as We Rule, GodFinger and We Farm. The company was launched by former Electronic Arts employees and was one of Apple’s iFund project winners in 2008.

ngmoco’s We Rule social networking game

The purchase means DeNA will also own the long time Mac game maker Freeverse since ngmoco bought the company earlier this year.

ngmoco isn’t DeNA’s first purchase on its path into the U.S. gaming market. The company also purchased Gameview Studios and bought a stake in Astro Ape Studios.

There’s no word yet on what DeNA plans to do with ngmoco’s properties once the purchase is complete.