Deutsche Telekom tells Customers iPhone 6 Coming Sept 19

Apple's iPhone 6 coming September 19? MaybeGermany's Deutsche Telekom is telling customers the iPhone 6 will launch on September 19, which is either a leak that'll leave Apple unhappy with the cell service provider, or is a gamble the carrier hopes will keep customers from jumping to competitors. September 19 is a Friday and within Apple's historic time frame for new iPhone launches, but there hasn't been any official announcement about the next iPhone model yet.

Deutsche Telekom support staff were reportedly told to tell customers about the launch date, according to the German site apfelpage. While there's a slim -- very slim -- chance Apple did share its iPhone 6 launch date plans with the carrier, it's more likely the company is simply hoping it has the right date and is saying it does in order to keep customers from leaving.

Reports claim Apple will release a larger screen iPhone model this fall, and that it may have plans for two bigger screen versions. The new model, or models, will reportedly sport a redesigned body that matches the iPad mini and iPad Air.

Apple isn't saying when the next iPhone model will ship, so don't be surprised if September 19 isn't the actual launch date. If Deutsche Telekom is right, then it's most likely a case of lucky guessing.