Developer Uncovers Siri’s Methods, Plans Tools for Others to Use

How Long Would Apple Let Siri Be Pirated?Siri, the voice-based intelligent assistant featured on the iPhone 4S, has been cracked by a developer. The protocol that it uses to communicate with Apple’s servers has been uncovered and Siri could, theoretically, be ported to other devices, or even other platforms.

Cnet reports that the developer, Applidium, has determined that the method that Siri uses to communicate with Apple’s servers is not HTTP, but rather TCP. It also uncovered the name and address of the server that Siri uses. The other requirements to complete the crack included a valid certificate recognized by Siri’s servers, an iPhone 4S identifier, and hacking of various files and packets.

What was learned, is that Apple uses the VoIP codec Speex to send the recorded audio to Apple’s servers. Apple apparently attaches a confidence score and timestamp to every word that the Siri servers send back out. That’s a lot of information going back and forth during Siri’s real-time conversations.

In the bigger picture, Applidium is working on getting “crack tools” and instructions put together so Siri could be added to other devices, including Android devices or possibly even desktops.

Of course, Apple is generally quick to snuff out these type of efforts with a quick wave of it’s update wand. Since the company controls the software and the hardware on the device it is intended to work with (iPhone 4S for now), the chances of the company allowing a hoard of pirates looking to use Apple’s service without having bought Apple’s hardware is precisely nil.