Developer Willing to Legally Change Name to Get WWDC Tickets

WWDC Name ChangeImage via Shutterstock.

Following Apple’s WWDC announcement Wednesday, and the ensuing debate over the method and timing of the event’s ticket sales, a San Francisco developer is willing to go to extremes to gain admission to the yearly conference: change his name (via BGR). Apple’s WWDC tickets are non-transferrable this year so the desperate fellow has taken to Craigslist to find a WWDC ticket holder willing to loan his name.

The want ad, posted early yesterday to the San Francisco Craigslist page, claims that, in exchange for the permission to legally change his name to that of a WWDC ticket holder, he will purchase the ticket at full value ($1600), and perform any services required of the ticket holder, including jury duty, DMV visits, and court ordered community service up to 40 hours.

He’ll even visit senile relatives on your behalf. Finally, WWDC ticket holders named Jebodiah can net themselves an extra $500, although its not clear if this is because the ad’s poster is named “Jebodiah” [sic].

While the allure of WWDC is strong, we hope that the posting is a joke, as we would hate to see how much further stunts like this would go if it proves to be successful. Also, name change or not, the illegality of most of the poster’s promised services as compensation to the ticket holder will likely make getting into Moscone West the least of his troubles.