Developers: Tapity to Sell Grades and Languages Apps

Tapity announced Wednesday that it was putting two of its apps—Grades and Languages—on the market. The company said it was doing so in order to concentrate on Hours, the company's flagship product.

Grades and Languages Apps on iPhones

Grades app on the left, and Languages app on the right
Source: Tapity

If you aren't already familiar with Tapity, the company garnered attention by being one of the early birds to embrace flat design when Apple introduced iOS 7 in 2013. Two years before that, Tapity earned an Apple Design Award for Grades, one of the two apps for sale.

"So why are we doing this?" wrote Jeremy Olson, founder of Tapity. "In a word: focus. Despite Grades’ and Languages’ success and future potential, we have neglected them to pursue growing our time tracking app Hours into its own sustainable business. As much as it hurts to let go of Grades and Languages, it hurts even more to see them not getting the love they deserve to reach their full potential. So here we are."

All of which could translate into a great opportunity for another developer to step into a fully developed app. Tapity is asking $30,000 for Grades and $60,000 for Languages. The company has some gross income numbers posted in its announcement.