Developers Offer to Text You WWDC Alerts

Developers Anthony Herron and Aaron Wardle have launched a service that many Mac and iOS developers will welcome, WWDCAlerts, a service that will send you an SMS text message letting you know when tickets for Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference go on sale.

Last year’s conference, WWDC 2011, sold out in just eleven hours, with many developers not even getting a chance to get tickets. With both of Apple’s platforms growing in leaps and bounds, this year’s event is likely to sell out even faster.

According to the site the two developer set up—it is not affiliated with Apple—their intent is to let know developers interested in the event get notified as early as possible.

“WWDC Alerts will notify you via call and SMS as soon as we know the tickets are on sale regardless of your timezone,’ The site said. “Whilst this isn’t a fix for those at vast altitudes in metal tin cans, there should hopefully be less anxiety about leaving the house as the date draws near and the tickets are made available.”

“You’re welcome,” they added.

To sign up, you’ll have to provide your mobile phone number. WWDCAlerts will then send you a confirmation number via SMS. You’ll then have to enter that confirmation on the site, and you’ll be set!

WWDCAlerts Confirmation

WWDC Alerts Confirmation Number

Note that WWDC 2012 hasn’t been announced as of yet. The event usually takes place in June (plus or minus a few days).