Developers Reveal Hidden Panorama Camera Mode in iOS 5

Several iOS developers have uncovered a hidden panorama creation feature built in to Apple’s iPhone camera app under iOS 5, according to 9to5Mac. The setting can be enabled by developers and jailbreakers by accessing the file and setting “EnableFirebreak” to “YES.”

MacRumors reveals that iOS developer @chpwn has already submitted an app to the Cydia App Store that enables this mode on jailbroken phones.

iOS 5 Panorama

Images showing panorama interface courtesy of 9to5Mac.

Enabling the Firebreak preference, either manually or via a Cydia app, places a “Panorama” button in the camera app’s settings. Turning on Panorama Mode presents the user with instructions on how to properly move the phone over the area the user wishes to capture. The phone’s camera then automatically takes the necessary number of pictures at the proper interval and combines them into a single panoramic image.

Initial reports claim that the feature, while perhaps lacking Apple’s usual “polish,” works very well, so it is unclear why it did not make it into iOS 5.