devideon DVD Authoring Driver Gets SVCD Support

Formac Electronic, Inc. has released an update for the devideon DVD authoring app. The devideon superdrive is an external Firewire DVD authoring drive. The driver software now features improved speed performance and support for SVCD. According to Formac Electronic:

Formac Electronic Inc., a leading manufacturer of performance enhancing peripherals and advanced visualization solutions, today announced a new release of its DVD authoring software, Formac devideon.

Formacis second devideon release improves the encoding speed by up to 30%, reducing the most time consuming process of the DVD creation process considerably. To provide users with more flexibility, Formac has also implemented SuperVideoCD (SVCD) support. With the new software users can now burn their videos on Super Video CD, which are compatible with most consumer DVD players, and are a low-cost alternative to the still expensive DVD media.

You can find more information about the devideon update at the Formac Electronic, Inc. Web site. The devideon update is available as freeware.