Devine Haggles Over Bond in Apple Fraud Case

Paul Shin Devine, the Apple global supply manager accused of leaking company secrets for bribes, is hoping to convince the court to release him after posting a US$612,407 bond. Mr. Devine has been in jail for several weeks since his arrest, and his attorney claims he has met most of the judge’s terms for bail, according to BusinessWeek.

Mr. Devine has been charged with several counts of fraud for selling information to parts supplies so they could negotiate better deals with Apple. He was accused of selling the information to companies in China, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.

Mr. Devine has already agreed to sign over the equity in his house along with his mother’s house as part of his bail, and the court also ordered him and his wife to surrender their passports. About US$313,000 in a Korean bank account, however, may be difficult to free up and turn over to the court.

“It appears that it will be very time-consuming, and difficult — if not impossible — to transfer these funds from Korea into the United States,” said Mr. Devine’s lawyer, Raphael Goldman. “The defense submits that Mr. Devine should be released while we explore possible ways to transfer the remaining funds from Korea.”

The judge overseeing the case has agreed to review the bail request, but isn’t likely to approve it if he suspects Mr. Devine poses a flight risk.