Dexim iPhone Charger Goes Green, and Blue


LAS VEGAS — Dexim is doing its part to help environmentally conscious iPhone users charge their battery and cut down on wasted electricity with the Visible Green Charger it showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Along with the ability to auto-power down when not in use, the charger cable lights up with a flowing stream of blue light when juice is flowing to your iPhone.

Dexim’s Visible Green Charger for iPhone and iPod

The blue light looks like it’s flowing through the charger cable, moving faster when your iPhone’s battery is low, and slower as the battery gets closer to a full charge. When your iPhone battery is fully charged, or you pull the plug from your iPhone, the lights shut off so you know the charger isn’t drawing any more current.

The charger includes a standard Dock connector, so it’s also compatible with iPods and the iPod touch.

The Visible Green Charger looks cool, helps save electricity, and feels like it’s right out of TRON. It doesn’t, however, fight for the users.

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“It doesn?t, however, fight for the users.”

If it’s saving power, then yes, it does.


But doesn’t the lighted cable use extra power? So how can you call this ‘green’ if it wastes energy for a gimmick? smile

Suhaka Andrea

I see one problem, that charger is 5 volt, doesn’t the iPhone 4 want a 10 volt charger? This woud be a wonderful gizmo to own, but not if it’s anemic.

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