Did You Get a New Mac Pro? Apple Released a Firmware Update for It

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Availability for Apple's new Mac Pros is limited, at least relative to all the pent-up demand. If you did snag one, or to be more realistic when you finally get the one you ordered today, Apple has a firmware update for you called Mac Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.0.

First, let's put up a picture of the guts of the new Mac Pro just because we can:

New Mac Pro

Apple's New Mac Pro

Now the patch notes:

This update is recommended for all Mac Pro (Late 2013) models.

This update improves system reliability during reboot, resolves an issue with memory self-test, and improves graphics power management when using Boot Camp.

It's a 5MB download from Apple's support site, but it should appear in the Mac App Store, too.

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“Availability for Apple’s new Mac Pros is limited…” So is the population who will buy this model. The is not a consumer machine. I would be willing to bet Apple will be disappointed that the machine will not sell well.

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