Digital Chocolate Releases Two More iPhone Games

Prolific iPhone game publisher Digital Chocolate this week released two more titles at the App Store: Super Model Empire and Super Water Bomber. The former sells for US$2.99, the latter for $0.99. Each is also available in a free version with limited gameplay.

Super Model Empire puts aspiring fashionistas in a pair of game modes: Fashion Design, in which players research trends, create outfits, and attend fashion shows; and Company Management, in which they hire and fire staff and models as they aspire to rule the fashion world.

In Super Water Bomber, players control the Splash Bandit as he makes his way through the city looking for bullies, vicious dogs, and other enemies to splat with water balloons. Four city maps and more than 125 levels are included. Players use the touch-screen interface to adjust the trajectory and force of their throws.