DIRECTV Planning iPad App “Soon”

Satellite TV company DIRECTV told customers Thursday that an iPad app for the service was “coming soon.” The app will allow customers to access their local channel guide, search for movies and TV shows, and manage playlists for those that have a DIRECTV-branded DVR unit.

The company will be joining Comcast’s Xnfinity (iTunes link) and Verizon’s FiOS (iTunes link) cable services in having an iPad apps that customers can use to control their settop boxes and browse channel guides. Computer devices like Slingbox and EyeTV also allow users to access their content on the iPad.

DIRECTV competitor DISH Network already has an iPad app available on the App Store.

DIRECTV has not announced when the app will be released, only that is coming.

DIRECTV e-mail

From a DIRECTV customer e-mail