Disabling Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Feature

The social networking site Facebook has a history of adding new features that can potentially have a negative impact on your online privacy, and the company’s latest addition — facial recognition that suggests photos of you for friends to tag — is no different. Unless you know where to look to disable automatic facial recognition, you can’t shut it off, and you may not even realize your face is being served up to people without your knowledge.

If you want to disable Facebook’s automatic facial recognition feature, do this:

  • Log into your Facebook account in a Web browser
  • Click Account (It’s in the upper right corner of the Facebook page)
  • Choose Privacy Settings
  • Click Customize settings (It’s at the bottom of the Sharing on Facebook section)
  • Click Edit Settings next to Suggest photos of me to friends (It’s in the Things others share section)
  • Set Suggest Photos of Me to Friends to Disabled
  • Click Okay

Facebook privacy settingsDon’t want your face getting around? Disable Facebook’s automatic face recognition.

Disabling automatic facial recognition will stop Facebook from combing through user’s accounts for photos of you, but it won’t stop someone from manually tagging your face in a photo. You should, however, get a notification should someone tag you in a photo so you have a chance to un-tag yourself and help keep at least a modicum of online privacy.