Discrimination Lawsuit Targets Apple In-store POS System

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Apple is facing a class action lawsuit over claims that the handheld POS system the company uses for in-store sales discriminates against the visually impaired. According to the filing, Apple doesn't offer a way for the visually impaired to enter debit card PIN codes during transactions.

Class action lawsuit says Apple's in-store POS system discriminates against the visually imparedClass action lawsuit says Apple's in-store POS system discriminates against the visually impaired

The lawsuit stated that Apple "does not provide any auxiliary aids or services calculated to make its POS Devices fully accessible to, and independently usable by, blind people," according to TUAW. It goes on to say that the plaintiff, David New, wants to continue shopping at Apple's retail stores and is seeking to get a court order requiring Apple to install ADA-compliant credit and debit card readers.

Other retailers offer ADA-compliant card readers where the visually impaired can enter debit card PINs without assistance, and a trip to your local grocery store or convenience store proves that in short order. Those devices are in place no only because it makes it possible for customers with limited or no sight to make card-based purchases without assistance, but also because it's a requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

"As a result of [Apple's] non-compliance with the ADA, Plaintiff and the Class, unlike persons without visual impairments, cannot independently make a debit purchase at Defendant's stores." the lawsuit states.

Mr. New filed his lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida several days ago. Apple hasn't commented on the case.

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If Apple's current system for handling debit card payments for visually impaired shoppers in its stores isn't up to snuff, the company needs to fix that regardless of whether or not a class action lawsuit is in the works. Considering how the company has worked to make devices like the iPhone and iPad accessible, it's surprising a case like this is even necessary.

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Is it even possible to make a debit purchase at an Apple store? I always use credit….


Is there any information that Mr New even tried to get Apple to install vision impaired friendly POS terminals and Apple said no ?

Or is it the usual “Lawyer first, talk later” ?


This is the ugly side of lawyers—a nuisance suit to go after deep-pockets.

Next he’ll represent a quadriplegic!?!

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