Dish Streams TV to Your iPad (with Sling)

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Dish TV announced Wednesday that the company’s Remote Access app for iPad now allows users to watch live streaming TV from the satellite service directly on the iPad. Version 2.2.88 of DISH Remote Access for iPad offers the feature, but it also requires the use of a Sling-enabled device, such as the Sling Adapter, to get the content to your iPad.

The feature is part of Dish’s “TV Everywhere” service, and it was already available on the Mac, iPhone, Windows, and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Bold and Curve models. Dish offers the Sling adapter to its customers for US$99, or users can use whatever version of the Slingbox they may already have.

The app allows users to watch both streaming TV and TV recorded on their Dish DVRs. It also allows you to view programming schedules, schedule your Dish DVR, and otherwise remotely manage your Dish settop box.

DISH Remote Access for iPad is free from the App Store, it’s available now

Dish TV on your iPad

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Or, if you happened to pony up the extra dough for the VIP922 receiver, it has Sling built-in.  I love mine and am amazed at the video quality, especially when viewing while at home (on the same local network as the receiver).  Thanks, DISH network!  Now how about working on allowing it to stream to more than one device?  And also work on the annoying pauses that occur whenever you change the channel or FF or RW through DVR recordings?


Hmm, if I am steaming what’s on my iPad to my tv via Airplay and stream what’s on my tv to my iPad using Slingbox, what would I be watching?


Hmm, I think this would create some sort of virtual particle accelerator that would allow you to overcome the bounds of time!  I believe that streaming a previously recorded show instead of live television (i.e., time-shifting) would enhance this effect.  But alas, I do not have an iPad or AppleTV to test such a theory.  Anyone want to make a donation to my cause?  smile

Jason S

Hi my name is Jason, I do work for dish network, but I use the TV everywhere and DRA apps everyday, its amazing how much I am not at home and want to watch programs, now instead of recording them and watching later… Bam its on my Iphone. And the Ipad app is amazing. I wanna get an ipad just to use it as a remote control lol.

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