Disney CEO Says ‘The Incredibles’ Sequel from PIXAR in the Works

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Good news, fans of Pixar's The Incredibles: a sequel is, at long last, in the works. According to MTV, Disney CEO Bob Iger told analysts and investors that Brad Bird, the writer and director of the first movie, is working on a script for a sequel.

The Incredibles

Dash, Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Jack Jack, and Violet

One of my personal favorite films from Pixar, the original movie was released near the end of 2004. For those keeping score at him, that's almost ten years ago. Considering Disney's love of sequels, that's way too long to have waited for this news.

We're going to have to wait even longer, though, because Brad Bird working on the story is likely to translate to "this film might be finished in time for the mid-term elections in 2018." But still, it's in the works! Hoorah!

Cars 3 was also made official.

Thanks to TMO reader mrmwebmax for the heads up.

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Thanks Bryan (and mrmwebmax) - GREAT news!!

LOL, I remember watching this with my oldest daughter, who is now 15.  So, that would have made her just turning 6 when we first saw it late 2004.  I remember how upset she was with the ending, as she probably had not yet experienced the genre’s “here’s a new bad guy to fight” open-ended-type movie ending.  May have been the first Pixar movie to end like that, maybe?  She demanded to know when the sequel was coming every time she watched the DVD!!

Not to nit-pick too much Bryan, but technically it would be ‘Cars 3’ and not ‘The Cars 3’.

“That’s Incrediboy.”

Bryan Chaffin

That’s a good nitpick, Ron. Not sure where I found that extra “The.” It’s fixed now—thanks. smile

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