Disney CEO Sees the iPad as a Possible ‘Game Changer’

Speaking to analysts during a conference call, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the iPad "could be a game changer in terms of enabling us to essentially create new forms of content,” according to MarketWatch. He added: "With ESPN, you have ScoreCenter, which is a great app on the iPhone and provides rudimentary information and scores. Suddenly we have a platform where you can really make those scores come to life."

ESPN is part of Disney, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs sits on Disney’s board of directors and is its biggest shareholder, so Mr. Iger’s comments shouldn’t be much of a surprise. However, they do hint that the company wants to take full advantage of the iPad’s larger screen. For example, how ESPN will “really make those scores come to life” remains to be seen, but there are many possibilities for building video-based interactivity into the ScoreCenter app, such as tapping a touchdown in a football box score to see a replay of it.