Documents To Go 4 Improves Keyboard Support, More

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DataViz announced the immediate availability of Documents To Go 4.0 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on Monday. The new version of the Microsoft Office document viewing and editing app added full support for external keyboards along with iOS 4 multi-tasking support.

The new version also added support for the iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch Retina Display, sorting, Sheet To Go “freeze panes,” paragraph formatting support, and more.

Documents To Go 4.0 is priced at US$9.99 and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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My understanding was that DataViz has been acquired by RIM, and that they subsequently announced cessation of development of mobile solutions for all non-RIM platforms (including iOS).

If this is correct, then we could expect this update to be the last one for iOS.

Hopefully, another developer will step up to the plate and provide equivalent functionality for IOS.


I’m not going to be negative. Just got round to updating my Apps and didn’t see any update notice regarding Docs to Go Office (v3.?) though for Docs2 I did. However, both updated. I’m pleased and should assume RIM to be honourable in its treatment of all patrons. Word of mouth can be a powerful sales tool.

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