Does Your Choice of Smartphone Say Something About You?

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Many customers believe that they’re making the most logical, reasoned choice when it comes to cars and smartphones. However, the Tech Republic proposes that different brands of smartphones and cars appeal to certain types of customers and that your personality is revealed by your choice.

“A BlackBerry says that you’re likely a corporate professional,” according to Jason Hiner. “An iPhone says that you’re more of an intellectual.”

The author goes a step further and compares the qualities of various cars to smartphones and personalities. It’s a fashion issue. For example, if you own a Motorola Milestone phone, the equivalent car would be a Toyota Camry Hybrid.

It’s light reading and lots of fun to ponder even if you don’t agree with his pairings.

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Lee Dronick

Of course you could be both a corporate professional and an intellectual.

As for me I live at the intersection of Technology Avenue and Liberal Arts Blvd, there are more lanes on Liberal Arts.


That Liberal Arts Blvd looks remarkably like a single lane cart path from 1240….


I especially liked the Kin=Yugo comparison

It is very true though. Most purchases say something about who we are and how we see ourselves. That’s the whole point of data-mining for advertising.

For the moment my phone is a 1978 Dodge Dart while I’m saving up for a Jaguar.


Yes, but our choices don’t always reflect the image that we THINK we are projecting.


Yes, but our choices don?t always reflect the image that we THINK we are projecting.

True. I guess Wallets are the window to the Soul

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

An iPhone says that you?re more of an intellectual.

50(?) million iPhones and these people think they’re “intellectuals”? It reminds me of those surveys where everybody thinks they are in the top 20% in driving ability or p-nus length. Not possible.


It says you THINK you’re an intellectual.  Of course they’re not all that way.  I sure like to think I’m intelligent though.

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