Dolphin Browser - Safari Alternative Comes to iOS

Dolphin Browser LogoMoboTap Inc. has released two versions of it’s popular, formerly Android-only, browser on Apple’s App Store. Dolphin Browser (for the iPhone) and Dolphin Browser HD (for the iPad) are gesture-based browsers that allow you to access your favorite websites with a touch of the screen.

Dolphin has been the most popular browser on the Android Market and took advantage of the touchscreen interface to allow gestures familiar to iOS users such as pinch and zoom. One of the browser’s unique features, which the company brought to the iOS versions, is the ability to access a website using a specific gesture, such as using your finger to draw a star or a heart. Drawing this on the touchscreen opens the specific, associated website directly.

Another unique feature is the ability to expand the browser’s functionality by using add-ons. Ranging from tab reloading to bookmark syncing and more, these add-ons allowed for significant personalization of the browser. It’s not clear if all add-ons are compatible with the iOS version of the apps.

It also is integrated with several social networking sites. And a webzine layout makes for a feature usually found in a separate app.

The latest version is 1.0.1 and has addressed some bugs and made other refinements, including a full-screen mode.

The figure below shows Dolphin in action.

Dolphin Browser Screenshot

Dolphin Browser Window