Donald Trump: Lack of Bigger iPhone Makes Apple Dumb

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According to celebrity investor Donald Trump, Apple is in trouble and it's because size does matter. He says Apple failed to hit its iPhone sales goals and the reason is because the smartphone's screen is just too small.

Trump says Apple needs a bigger iPhoneTrump says Apple needs a bigger iPhone

Mr. Trump offered up his financial analysis on Twitter saying,

Apple's iPhone sales fell way short-they must go to a larger screen, as alternative, fast (as I said long ago)! Samsung's size much better.

I predicted Apple's stock fall based on their dumb refusal to give the option of a larger  iPhone screen like Samsung. I sold my Apple stock

Apple sold 51 million iPhones during the quarter, up year over year from 47.8 million. Analysts had been hoping iPhones sales would be higher. Canaccord Genuity's Michael Walkley, for example, had estimated 54 million units, and Shaw Wu from Wells Fargo expected 54.8 million.

Rumors have been circulating that a bigger screen iPhone is coming this year, and there may even be two models. Cowen & Co analyst Timothy Arcuri thinks the iPhone 6 will sport a 4.8-inch display, and Chinese analyst Sun Chyang Xu said both 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhones are on the way.

That must be music to Mr. Trump's ears since continued iPhone growth must spell doom for Apple and it's diminutive 4-inch iPhone display.

Aside from refusing to give customers a bigger screen iPhone, Mr. Trump thinks Apple has lost its way, saying, "Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave - Apple has lost both vision and momentum - must move fast to get magic back!"

Without apparent vision or momentum, Apple reported record breaking quarterly revenue at US$57.6 billion, up year over year from $54.5 billion. Mr. Trump's solution: follow Samsung's lead.

Mr. Trump said he sold his Apple shares ahead of the company's quarterly earnings report, which may have saved him from losing money since the stock historically has dropped after, and this week's cycle was no different. That, by the way, makes his prediction that Apple's stock would drop pretty easy considerint that's what always happens after an earnings report.

In contrast, big-time investor Carl Icahn sees investing in Apple as a smart move, regardless of iPhone screen sizes. His beef with the company is that it isn't buying back its own stock as aggressively as he'd like.

Clearly, Mr. Icahn didn't get Trump's memo because he's still buying up Apple stock as fast as he can. He calls it a "no brainer" investment, which just might say something about Mr. Trump's comments.

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Lee Dronick

Lack of a bigger iPhone makes Apple dumb! Trump must have a pretty small phone. Yeah, I know that he has a lot of money, but…


After having watched tge lame Apprentice show (many seasons past tense) I can say if anyone would know dumb it’s Trump and his media side-show.

Apple will release a larger phone in the future I think. They have just been smart to wait and not cannabalize their existing offerings so when they do realease it the people like me that are waiting to upgrade will get the newer phone. Plus I think Apple’s larger iPhone will have more storage (bigger phone more space like the 128gb iPads) and other features not just a bigger screen.


With all the assclowns who wants to tell Apple how to run its business, I suppose it was inevitable that the king of the assclowns, King Blowhard of Comb-over, Defender of the Fatuous, Protector of the Entitled and Self-promotor of the Ignoramus, would want to chip in.
Avert your gaze from this odoriferous dung heap and enjoy the rest of your day, sound in the knowledge that it signifies nothing.


Hunh. I thought Apple failed to hit analysts arbitrary sales goals because Tim Cook was born in Kenya.

Thanks for setting the quote straight, Jeff. One needs to keep these Trumpisms sorted.


Apparently Mr. Trump hasn’t gotten his face in the press for a week or two. Time for him to say something stupid before he goes into hype-withdrawl.


This coming from someone who wears a rat on his head. smile


CraigF’s comments were so good, I had to tweet them, @akcarver.

Steven Moore

That dead cat on his head is affecting his judgement again.



I think Apple will release a bigger iPhone if, and only if, it is both ergonomic to use and doesn’t fragment the platform the way the bazillion different-sized handsets fragment Android.

As for Mr. Trumpf’s comments, this is just one more pundit saying Apple doesn’t innovate, has stagnated since the loss of Steve Jobs, etc. Only Apple must define new product categories and start new revolutions every six months…ever notice that? No one says Samsung is doomed because they haven’t defined a new product category, unless you consider “phablet” a new product category.

Even money says The Macalope writes about Trumpf’s comments.

Scott B in DC

Really? People are still listening to this self-promoting d*ucheb*g? Remember, this is the guy whose companies have filed bankruptcy three times including a casino. A CASINO! He ran a CASINO where the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the house into bankruptcy!

I’d listen to Carl Ichan, Jim Cramer, or even the other chattering members of the CNBC crew long before I listen to what Donnie Comb-over has to say!

Besides, he still hasn’t produced his diploma to prove he actually went to Wharton. Either he was not smart enough to get in or his daddy, who was one of the biggest slum lords in Queens, paid them off to let Donnie in!


Apple’s method has always been about disrupting an industry. Following Samsung’s, or anyone’s, footsteps will not disrupt anything.

My personal opinion is that Apple will release a larger iPhone, but done is a revolutionary way that it will disrupt the large-screen smartphone business.


This is the only time I agree with Trump!  I got tired of waiting and switched to a Note 2.  Big Screen and easily changeable battery are huge features Apple refuses to deem important.  They are!  Time for them to get their high horse of “We know what the customer needs.”

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